RAFARS – Blog, Facebook and YouTube Statisics

RAFARS on the Internet

Here is a summary of the data I have on the G8FC blog, Facebook stats and G8FC video views on YouTube.

Starting off with the G8FC blogAverage per Day

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Overall
2013 2 24 49 22 23 29
2014 29 38 20 23 28

As you can see, we have a steady flow of about 28 unique visitors per day. These are averages as sometimes we get a handful and other days we receive 40 plus.

Here are the blog only stats per month since I started publishing

Months and Years

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2013 11 718 1,530 651 715 3,625
2014 914 1,054 626 388 2,982

We are showing a downwards trend but this means little without further data.

Facebook Stats

All data is from the 1st November 2013 to today 18th April 2014

People who like our Facebook page has steadily increased

RAFARS Facebook likes

RAFARS Facebook likes

This is our reach on Facebook

RAFARS reach on Facebook

RAFARS reach on Facebook

Showing an upwards trend helped by the recent articles from this year.


Our most popular video is the G8FC Station Tour with 199 hits of today. Not the most popular of RAFARS media available but fairly successful non the less.

How can you help?

For those that use Facebook to access our media, may I please ask you “LIKE” a story? This really does help to publicise our activities. For instance, the recent stories that have been published this month saw us reach out further than we have ever done before using social media! In fact the recent ATC post saw the reach go from about 20 or so views to over 300!

Sign up for blog updates? Yes, by signing up via email, you will get a notification as soon as anything is posted. Its easily turned off should you want to stop updates. The follow link should be down the right hand side of the page.

I hope you continue to enjoy our presence on the Internet? Without embracing this technology our future is uncertain.

73s de Martin G7FTN

YouTube G8FC Playlist below. (Watch all the G8FC videos in one place)

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